Sakkara Memphis and Dahshur Day tour

Sakkara Memphis and Dahshur Day tour

Visiting Sakkara ,Memphis and Dahshur today is an adventure itself after your Egypt live guide will pick you up from your hotel by A/C Vehicle you’re gonna visit the oldest pyramid ever built the step pyramids of Zoser Sakkara .

After picking you up from your hotel the adventure begins we will take you in the drive through the countryside of Giza in order to reach our destination Saqqara, Memphis and Dahshur and beyond because it’s not gonna be only the Archaeological site but also going to be the experience of meeting people and enjoying the atmosphere plus the Magnificent weather first saqqara, one of the unique areas it’s like a hit of joy and culture.
you will see everything around you with the eye of your Egyptian guide who’s going to tell you stories about the area, the history of it and the people even seeing the oldest graffiti ever in history, can you imagine seeing the oldest record for the oldest tourists ever. and by going to Memphis you will be taken to a totally different world, the village of Memphis itself and it’s beautiful Museum which has the collection of King Rameses II temple as it is from different Kingdom unlike Saqqara and then driving through the fields again to reach the last destination Dahshur where the the bent and red pyramids are, one of the most unique sites which gonna provide you an unforgettable experience.
  • Sakkara – Zoser Step Pyramid.
  • Memphis,Statue of Ramses II at Memphis.
  • Dahsur pyramid.
Day 1
Sakkara , Memphis and Dahshur Day tour

Move on your way you will see a small traditional authentic Village located on top of the old city which was the oldest capital in the world You’ll get to enjoy the experience of visiting this Village which is called met Rahina and you will enjoy visiting a beautiful Museum Date back to the new kingdom 1200 BC and it has all the ruins off Ramses 2nd temple which was built in the new kingdom by Ramses II and dedicated to God Ptah god of knowledge and god of Memphis back in the ancient times.

You’ll be able to see the massive statue of King Ramses II lying down because it was found partly damaged it’s 10.5 m today well originally used to be 14 m and it used to be one out of 2 massive statuses standing in front of the temple that Ramses built and the City although it was no longer the capital but Memphis stayed as a very important Cultural Centre all along the ancient Egyptian history.

Next will move to Dahshur Where the red and bent pyramids were built by king Senefru both pyramids are in such a good condition and the area is almost untouched by visitors very few visitors are visiting the Magnificent Dahshur first you’ll be able to visit the red pyramid and go inside and it’s also called the bat pyramid as many bats live inside which is going to be an adventurer itself .

Then you’ll be able to move to the bent pyramid which is still keeping most of the outer casing on top of it in such a good condition the positive Energy in the area is unbelievable and it is such a good place for meditation only there you’ll be able to hear silence of the great culture and great ancient Egyptians who built those Magnificent pyramids the ground of the area also is such a beautiful Rocky ground where you can have a walk around the pyramid and collect your own collection of little colorful and beautiful rocks after the great experience today you will be back in comfort to your hotel where the tour ends

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  • Transfers from your hotel ( back and fourth )
  • Water and Snacks during the tour to keep your refresh
  • Entry tickets to all the mentioned sights
  • Fluent English speaking guide
  • Private modern A/C vehicle with Wi-Fi on board
  • All taxes and charge
  • Any items not listed.
  • Tipping

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Sakkara Memphis and Dahshur Day tour
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