Egypt tour packages

Select from our 5 Days / 4 Nights package with live Egypt tours you can spend 5 Days holiday package in Cairo to explore the major attractions also you can Visit Cairo and Luxor or Cairo and Alexandria.

Live Egypt gives you the ability to customize your own Egypt tour package

Egypt tour package


5 days in Egypt If you have a 5 day trip to Egypt then you can enjoy a great time visiting multiple locations and many cities in Egypt, in the first two or three days it will be perfect to cover Cairo’s attractions starting from the Giza pyramids, the Egyptian museum, the Islamic and Coptic old part of the city.


Also, you can spend one day in the beautiful city Alexandria by the Mediterranean which is only 3 hours driving from Cairo after two or three days.

Luxor & Red Sea

You can fly to Luxor to spend two days surrounded by civilization in a beautiful city that has third moments of the world all in one place, great art, and architecture of the temples, tombs and sculptures is breathtaking, after this amazing experience you will be ready to relax for one night on the “Red sea ”


you can spend this final relaxing night in Hurghada which is one of the most beautiful snorkeling and diving destinations in the world and has beautiful sunny weather all year round, all this and more can come true in five nights. also you can enjoy visiting one of the local homes and cook with an Egyptian family and enjoy a warm homemade meal with them, you can meet the intellectuals of Cairo and enjoy a deep and fun conversation or you might choose to go for meditation in the desert by Dahshur and Saqqara the oldest stone structures in history which is peaceful and full of positive vibes, you can customize your tours according to your requirements and our responsibility is to make this customizing easy, smooth, flexible and clear so don’t hesitate to ask about any of the above-mentioned items or any other questions you may have in mind and start to organize your upcoming trip to Egypt